Enterprise Integration is a bit challenging and the field is moving to fast that nobody is able to follow on what is going on. That is what Integration Podcast will cover.

We will be focusing on the SAP Integration platforms from SAP PI/PO,  Cloud Integration, API Management, Gateway and Cloud Platform. There are so many different tools that you must be looking at to understand what is relevant.

We will also be covering the other techniques going on to make sure that your Enterprise works.

Daniel Graversen has worked with SAP Integration for 10+ years. Over the years there have been some frustrations about how to get different software and tool working optimally for clients.

Daniel is an SAP Mentor and a part of the community around SAP.

Daniel is both developing integrations, sharing information about integration, trained people in using the tools and advised companies about best leverage their investments in integration.

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001 – Welcome to the Integration Podcast!

In this first episode on The Integration Podcast I explain why I wanted to create the show and what you can expect on future episodes.  I’ve been thinking about starting this podcast for some time.  It seemed especially important now because of the increasing complexity of integration software.  That complexity has been creating a growing number of problems for IT professionals.  There are so many tools and potential solutions it’s almost impossible to navigate.  My goal is to help you through that maze.

Each week I want to host a question and answer session along with interviews with some of the top minds in the industry.  We’re going to focus mostly on SAP tools but not exclusively.  I’m very open to hearing some of your ideas about what I should be covering on future episodes.  Please share the podcast and rate and comment on iTunes!