I’m always on the lookout for new interesting stories to share with my audience. If you have one do let me know. Send me an email on info@integrationpodcast.com

Integration podcast is about how to integrate the digital enterprise. Here is integration both of systems of vital importance. For the normal enterprise, all of the questions is becoming to difficult to be able to answer and keep track of all that is going on. The podcast tries to make it easier for developers and architects to understand what is going on.

The topic has a big focus on SAP, because of most of my contacts in the area.

We are looking for any stories that relate to the following areas.

  • SAP Cloud Integration
  • SAP Cloud Platform products relating to integration
  • Other solutions or product that could be relevant in integration content
  • Concepts, Methods or protocols on Integration

How can be a part of it

  • Customers using one of the above tools or concepts
  • Consultants who has worked in the area. We will not mention customer names if not required
  • Software vendors which have a tool that is interested in the topic.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


The interview

The normal way I have been running the interview is the following.

I schedule 1 hour for the interview, it can be shorter if necessary. The meeting is done in Zoom, which is a desktop sharing application that allows recording of sound. Please find a quiet place and have a good microphone/headset.

The first 10 minutes, we will talk about some of the questions that could interest to cover. The goal is to get a storyline (that we will probably not keep). If request I can share some with you before but in most cases, it will be easier on the call.

Then I press record and introduce you. I’ll guide the conversation thru the storyline. The most important is to learn something, and if you share something interesting we may cower that in more depts. It is best if it is a conversation. The recording last 20-40 minutes depending on how it is going and the topic.

I’ll then get the file edited. Basically, it is about adjusting the sound and then add an intro and an outro. If there is something that you want out please say and we will cut it out.

I’ll also write some show notes about the show and publish the content on the site. I need a picture of you to the show notes, so people can a face on who is speaking.