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005 – The future of cloud integration with Igor Mitrovic

I’m really happy to welcome Igor Mitrovic on to this week’s episode. Igor is the Managing Director of Proxcellence Netherlands and is also the company’s SAP Integration Specialist. He has more than eight years working with customers on SAP integration. His focus has been all about integration and innovation. When a customer first approaches Igor and his […]

004 – Using ECC to create a BPM framework

I’m really excited to bring you today’s conversation. My guest is Jorge Iván Gaviria ABAP and PO Consultant working at the municipality of Medellin, Colombia. Jorge created a framework to handle BPM requests in ECC that enabled users to access it both internally and externally.  That framework was used to create an online request form for users to fill in. The […]

003 – Our new Interface Regression Tool is done!

This is a big day for us at the Integration Podcast. We have launched our first few episodes and we’re really excited to have you along for the ride! It’s also a big day for my company Figaf.  That’s because after a ton of work we are launching Version 2 of our Interface Regression Tool. […]

002 – Cloud integration stories with Marco Verhoef

Today’s episode is all about cloud integration. I’m joined by Marco Verhoef who has worked for the last seven years for a Netherlands utilities company called Eneco. He has been pushing his company way from SAP PI and towards SAP cloud Platform integration (CPI aka HCI). The business case for making that transition was largely cost related. Cloud […]

001 – Welcome to the Integration Podcast!

In this first episode on The Integration Podcast I explain why I wanted to create the show and what you can expect on future episodes.  I’ve been thinking about starting this podcast for some time.  It seemed especially important now because of the increasing complexity of integration software.  That complexity has been creating a growing […]