028 – CPI SuccessFactor and Cloud Integration Patterns

I had a chance to meet  at #SITCPH two weeks ago. Vadim is an Integration Architect at ARM.  We got to talk a lot on integration and what was going one. I have been looking a lot on Vadim blogs on sap.com like the SAP PI adapter logging or the dark side of Groovy Scripting.

I talked with Vadim Klimov about how new tools have an influence on the way we work with cloud integration and how flows for different scenarios can help us understand the integration with SuccessFactors using SAP CPI and a prem PI. I’m currently involved in a project where we are using OData V2 to access SuccessFactors data. There are some challenges involved with it. We need some workaround to be able to see information about people starting in the future. In The Integration Center in SuccessFactors, their are many options, when you are looking for filed-based integration. The interface is web-based and allows business users to easily create files. Vadim is using the CPI and PI to move the file to their own landscape.

We also talked about how they do error handling in CPI and what makes sense in that perspective. The process works differently than in PI, so you must understand how it works best there.  At Figaf we are improving the capabilities to monitor, test and support your CPI systems, so you can get notifications about what is going on.

We also cover Groovy development, as I would like to understand Vadim thinking on the area.

It was a very interesting conversation which I hope, you will enjoy.




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  1. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    Many thanks for the recording, as usual, really good stuff have been discussed. Looking forward to more!
    One of the things I have missed though is talking about how to efficiently manage asynchronous processing within CPI to provide proper asynchronous queueing capabilities, guarantee of delivery and retry mechanisms within the middleware layer. Are you using JMS queues as suggested in some blogs to decouple the reception of the message from the delivery of the message/s to the ultimate receiver/s?
    Many thanks !

  2. dgr
    dgr says:

    Hi Cristian,
    I have not had the option to work with the queueing and JMS.
    I think product management was asking for customers that had scenarios on CPI that used EOIO, since it is not a pattern that is delivered at the momenet.

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