010 – Using SAP Operational Process Intelligence (OPI)

Today on the show I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of inviting a guest to join me today I’m going to talk a little about OPI or Operational Process Intelligence. SAP OPI is a product that…

offers real-time end-to-end process monitoring combined with pattern detection, analytics, alerting, and response management. It gives business users real-time visibility into processes and the ability to respond swiftly – enabling better, faster decision-making to achieve greater agility in business operations.”

OPI is helping out with BAM(Business Activity Monitoring). I first encountered BAM back in 2006, when I was working on writing a bachelor assignment. The goal is to give better information into what is happening an organization. Which processes were taking too long time and where to improve them and give real-time monitoring if anything was failing. This is the goal of SAP OPI. So it was only in 2015 that I got a chance to work with OPI in practice at a customer site.

I also created a video on them as an alternative to the podcast. Same content just saved on youtube.


In this podcast I will cover the following things.

Use case

  • BPM and show how runs
  • Process phases and to identify what needs to be done


  • Getting BPM process information – You need a Solman role in SAP PRO
  • Reporting information from BPM requires the use of data source in the BPM flow
  • Some KPI easy to use like a number of processes or duration of steps. 
  • Complex take bit more work like % of processes that worked. 
  • HANA development you will need to learn a lot of HANA to be a good developer


  • No SP for 1½ year, so it does not seem like a tool that has a lot of future. 
  • It would make sense for SAP to move it to Cloud Platform in some form and then have integration tools to get data
  • Process Miner – Celonis is SAP tool to understand what is going on in a process. 
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